Results 2013

Digital Signage Awards Grand Prix

AKQA for deep understanding of clients’ needs, elegant strategic thinking and immaculately produced creative work with which target audiences engage and interact.



Entertainment SYSTEM 9 MEDIA
Cinemaximum digital signage project, for Mars Entertainment Group, which includes installation, integration, software, maintenence, content and managing all of the screens of the Turkey’s largest cinema chain.These 250 screens reach I million viewers in 20 cinemas and are a combination of video walls, kiosks, menuboards and video canvases

Financial AKQA
For persuading a traditional British bank to break new ground in communicating with their customers. Instead of the drab walls of a much used banking hall, customers can now watch informative, beautifully produced messages about products and services on digital signage installations. Customers themselves say that the digital signage itself is a key factor in emphasising modernity at NatWest and the concept is now on a phased roll-out nationwide

There is also an award of commendation in this category:
produced some elegant motion graphic solutions for the Royal Bank of Canada and were narrowly pipped at the post

For their excellent work at Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam where over 21 screens provide the easiest way to manage and publish event content and helpful public transport information after the concert. Heineken Music Hall is one of the largest indoor concerthalls in the Netherlands and TiC Narrow Casting is one of the largest players in functional signage in the Benelux market

Restaurants, catering & hospitality EK3
For their McDonald’s Canada Appetite Appeal, which used a creative spot on McDonald’s digital menuboards to create demand while customers waited to be served. Beautiful photography upped the level of appetite appeal and witty use of mosaics lent a teasing aspect to the presentation

For their outstanding proprietary platform for unique brand and retail experiences. The new platform uses Microsoft kinect for input that combines augmented reality, gesture based interfaces and physical data mining. This delivers content digitally to consumers – putting clothing on them or laptops into the palm of their hand.

Transport & travel INWINDOW OUTDOOR
With Fallon and Zenith, for their outstanding 64-foot long interactive digital wall for Purina Beneful that allowed New York citizens and commuters to indulge in a game of “fetch” with their own virtual dog.In addition.

There is a commendation in this category for
MAGENTA RESEARCH and their Voyager transmitters and receivers used so effectively on the Emirates’ Cable Car across the River Thames in London.


Channel, content, innovation & technical

Content and creative SYSTEM 9 MEDIA
For their Denizbank History Wall, which brought together the complete 15-year history of the bank in chronological order and with great interaction. Under enormous time constraints, System 9 Media turned a daunting challenge into a masterful execution. The work proved particularly effective in motivation training for staff

Customer experience AKQA
For their work in improving the in-branch experience for NatWest Bank customers, using “beautiful digital signage to gently promote service and product messages”, which is now enjoying a phased roll-out across the NatWest network

Interactivity BBDO, OMD, BRANDFIRST and DIGITAL FACTORYand the Greater Toronto Airports Authority
For GE Canada’s “Mine Flight” interactive digital signage attraction, which amused thousands of air passengers at Toronto Pearson International Airport and was a ground-breaking execution

Software innovation VON BISMARK
Who built a new platform using Microsoft kinect for input that combines augmented reality, gesture based interfaces and physical data mining. This delivers content digitally to consumers and allows them to share their experiences physically, capturing their age, gender, product preferences and social media signatures in the process. The average interaction time for a consumer on the Von Bismark platform is 41 seconds.



Content provider or creative agency LIVEPOSTER
The multi-award winning company that has made it possible for brands to create live, dynamic DOOH advertising on numerous media formats, managed from one CMS

Manufacturer – shared by

For the industry’s first solid state digital signage media players with PC flexibility and performance,


For integrating robust mounts with an existing infrastructure as part of an improved ambient shopping experience for Diesel flagship stores in New York and San Francisco.