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The  Awards are impartial, independent and objective and aim to find the world’s best digital signage projects, creativity, products and services and companies.

Putting together a good entry takes time, but in relative terms it’s time very well invested and can bring huge benefits. To help you, the process of making an entry for the Digital Signage Awards is straightforward. You need to write a 1500-word submission and provide a brief 100-word profile of your entry with a good supporting photo and your company logo and access to any relevant photo or video files on YouTube or Vimeo, or on a micro site.

Remember, you only need to pay for your first entry and that fee for 2024 will be GBP £350.00. Because the PayPal and overseas payment systems for banks have improved so much, there is no longer any need to offer payment using different currencies.

Finally, as the Winners will happily relate, the rewards for winning a Digital Signage Award are plentiful – both tangible in the form of increased business and intangible such as enhanced reputation and ease with which staff are retained, motivated or attracted.

The Awards are announced publicly in print, online and/or at an annual event, if Covid or any other restrictions allow.


The categories are revised each year and the current list has been reviewed ready for the 2024 Awards:

• 9 Project Excellence categories

• 6 Creative Excellence categories

• 6 Product and Services Excellence categories

• 2 Company Excellence categories

• 1 Outstanding Individual category in the gift of Sixteen:Nine, chosen from nominations. FREE to enter and sponsored by Sixteen:Nine

• 1 Grand Prix, awarded to the best in show and decided by the judges 


Full information on the categories can be found on the Categories page, which is updated no later than April 30, each year.

Key dates

Awards ceremony: January 29 2024

Time is always precious and sometimes writing an awards entry is one of those jobs put off until the last moment. For a helping hand to write your awards entries contact:

Please note that Boost Awards is not only the first and largest company expert in preparing Awards submissions, but is also completely independent. There is no financial relationship between the Digital Signage Awards and Boost and the advice you receive is confidential and impartial.